Excelsia Capital is an independent owner-managed investment management company established in Cape Town in 2016. It was founded by Rajay Ambekar (CEO and CIO) and together with Derek McDonald (COO and CFO) have combined financial services experience of over 40 years and relevant investment experience of over 34 years.

Our mission is excellence in investment management which focusses on achieving attractive returns with due consideration to risk, consistently applying our philosophy and process, ensuring transparency in everything we do and building trusted long-term partnerships with our clients. We are an active investment manager, our investment philosophy is valuation driven and our core belief is that markets are not 'efficient' and move in cycles from 'fear' to 'greed' and back again. This continuously creates opportunities for long-term investors.

Our initial strategies are focused on Core (benchmark cognisant) and Aggressive (non-benchmark cognisant) equity mandates for institutional clients and individual investors. These portfolios are actively invested in listed equities and mandates and can be accommodated on a segregated basis, through a pooled structure or via our unit trust.